Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Moving Week

(Click on the thumbnail for the bigger, better version)

We are in moving mode again. Oh, no, not a major household move. Thank goodness for that. Today, the horses were moved from one temporary boarding place to another. In addition, we have to collect a vehicle, that has been in the shop down in Los Angeles. I'm grateful that there were no boxes to pack, and The Husband did all the work moving the horses. I just tagged along to watch and play the mother-hen role for the animals.

In spite of the fact that the light was harsh during today's equine relocation, I shot for a few minutes just for the exercise. Since, I have been shooting mostly landscapes recently, it felt good to be shooting action and getting those "muscles" back in shape. The bright overhead light meant that the horses have chunks of coal where their eyes should be. I rarely process horse photos if there is no light in the eye. It takes an otherwise outstanding shot to overcome that handicap, and the horses weren't doing anything exciting today—simply walking down the road from a pasture at one facility to another facility with a new-to-them pasture.

Still, I had a good time shooting in a different location, and along the way, I found a great spot for location shots. Futhermore, the horses' new temporary home is a great spot for catching some candids of them either one morning or evening.

Since the middle of October, I have been shooting more photographs per week than I was previously shooting in a month. As a direct result, I am feeling a distinct shift in my comfort and familiarity with the 40D, as well as a greater freedom to experiment. I may never get all the boxes unpacked, so perhaps we will never completely move in. Still, I am feeling more at home, and we are optimistic about staying here.


  1. A beautiful picture there, Anita. It's good to hear that the horses have a new pasture to explore, you have a new camera to keep you busy, and you have plenty of work for The Husband ... wives are good at that! ;-)

  2. Paul - Yes, we are all fairly content here—except, of course, the honey-do list keeps growing. Oh, you know about those lists, I see.

    Thanks for the comment on the photo. That's a pretty nice spot.

  3. Perhaps it's just because I want 'company', but I don't think that you are going to get some of those boxes unpacked! :-) We moved over 4 years ago and still had some boxes that were unpacked. When I took a peek inside, I decided that the things weren't worth keeping, so out they went. My wife doesn't know!!!

    Actually, she knows how brutal I can be in my clean ups and she encourages me to do those things without her knowledge. She knows that she interferes and turns pack rat sometimes. But, she'd rather not know what I've thrown out. LOL!

  4. Paul - Your comment made me laugh and encouraged me. More and more I am thinking maybe some of this stuff is all right in boxes in the garage—just in case. And, some things I wonder why I packed them in the first place.

    However, I almost fell off my chair upon learning that your wife encourages you to throw things away without talking it over with her. She is a strong woman—far stronger than I. I have been throwing away some of my stuff that I had thought I would want to keep, but The Husband has agreed to leave to me the exeucutive decisions on my things. Now, I could throw away some of his things and that would be all right with me.

    Our trouble is two pack rats in one family—verrrrry bad setup.


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