Sunday, November 23, 2008


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My therapy yesterday included another session of combining camera movement with slow shutter speed. The more I explore this form of play, the more satisfying it is. While I have worked hard to more effectively control shutter speed for sharper images and to improve my compositions, now I am drawn more and more to these impressionistic images. I know it isn’t a surprising chain of events, but it is peculiar in a way and it amuses me.

During the part of the shoot when I took this photograph, I was enjoying the landscape with its layers, and wondering where time goes in such a hurry. The hours and days get away from me so quickly. Some days, I feel as though I were riding the rapids. While I try to hold on and stay upright, my raft continues to gather speed. The scenery along the bank is not much more than a blur. Meanwhile, I paddle like mad—just hoping that the waterfall isn’t around the next bend.

It’s all upside down. With age, time should slow down along with our bodies.


  1. Hey Anita, just wanted to let you know I posted something for you on my blog today. Take a look.

  2. it's the way to go in my opinion. Sharpness is overrated anyway. The most fun I've had with my cameras have all been while running, spinning, or generally doing things not mentioned in the instruction manual. (you can tell my reading deprivation isn't going well yet)

  3. Beau - I am finally catching up with blogging, and now I know what's on my To-Do List. I enjoyed reading yours. I'm afraid mine will be quite boring!

  4. Gordon - I was taking my own little break from reading other blogs and realized, after the fact, that on this same day you posted examples of the joys of shooting while "running, spinning, or generally doing things not mentioned in the instruction manual". It certainly adds to my enjoyment with the camera and sometimes provides a way to break through a block.


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