Monday, October 6, 2008

Rosy Outlooks

(Please click on the thumbnail to view the larger version)

I am not able to view the world through rose-colored glasses with all the scary news today, but the sky outside my window really was that odd color this morning. Honest. That's not Photoshop stuff. I had no intention of stepping outside in my jammies before the sun warmed things up out there, but how could I say "No" to a rosy sky? I scorched the oatmeal a tad, but it was worth it.

You know, this getting-up-before-sunrise thing is not half bad.

(By the way, I was surprised to see that I have been breezing along, since the start obviously, with the clock in my still newish 40D set incorrectly. The EXIF shows that this was shot at 6:34 PM yesterday. Don't you believe it.)


  1. Ah so peaceful on such a weird day from Wall Street and all. Sorry about the oatmeal but I agree it was worth it.

  2. Getting up with, and before, the roosters has advantages! It's good to view the world through rose colored glasses! Be like Winnie The Pooh, my hero!

  3. Beau - Defininitely a day to concentrate on the peacefulness of sunrises, sunsets, and such. Especially since there is nothing we can do about the other mess. Besides, the oatmeal was barely scorched—no great harm.

    Paul - Sometimes I manage to keep those rosy-hued glasses in place. I'm just not consistent. Maybe I should go back and read a Pooh story today.

  4. I like this one even better than yesterday’s. I’m very partial to the ‘widescreen’ aspect ratio. The fencerails and line of trees draw me in -- good lines! The rose color is warm and comforting. You’re getting this fog thing down pat, Anita!

  5. Amy - Thanks for dropping by today. I am going back to my 17-85mm lens and enjoying that difference over my 24-105mm with which I have been hopelessly enamored for several months now. I am glad you like this one and thanks for the encouragement. This new adventure has proven to be just the distraction I needed. It has given me a shot of energy and purpose that had been lost in all the angst over staying or leaving. I am looking forward to further exploration of foggy mornings.


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