Friday, October 3, 2008

Fog and Blogs

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[I have no idea why, but lately posting on Blogger seems to be a matter of playing chicken with a photo. Periodically, the shot that ends up on this site bears almost no resemlance whatever to the image at the main gallery. I thought I had a solution, at one point; but, today that didn't work, and I have officially given up on this one. Click on the link, please, and ignore the mess above.]

Since fog seems to be a theme in my corner of the blogosphere, I decided to join the fun. I don’t have much experience yet (note the optimism with that qualifier) shooting in fog and frankly, have never been a huge fan of fog—especially in long and large doses. (Once when I spent a few days in San Francisco, I made a note to never consider living there. I was certain that I would go stir-crazy with so little sunshine.) However, it seems there are a great number of changes afoot.

This morning started out busy, since The Husband was getting off to Los Angeles for chores down there. But, from the moment my feet hit the floor at 6:30, I had been admiring the fog hanging over the Tehachapis and wishing I could get out the camera and experiment instead. As soon as the oatmeal was done, I stole a moment to see what was going on at some of my favorite photoblogs, only to find both
Paul Butzi and Paul Lester talking about fog! Well at that point, fog won the tug of war, and The Husband was on his own.

I was already too late to get to a point where I would find any interesting foreground for my shots as the fog was burning off fast, so I settled for shooting from the backyard. I wasn’t satisfied with any of my photographs (the shot above just shows I did get out and there really was fog here), but I had a wonderful time. Moreover, I have decided that fog may not be so bad after all.

Perhaps another fog is lifting.


  1. OK. I forgive you! ;-) But, the next time, stop all of that lallygagging and get out there in that fog! I'm sure that you'll become entranced by it, too!

  2. I promise to set forth with your orders ringing in my ears. ;-)

    Seriously, I am enjoying the early morning hours more all the time. In the past, that was more of a vacation-mode sort of thing. My internal clock is resetting.

  3. Being busy I’ve missed out on this week’s fog party, but I feel very fortunate that I live in a place which receives more than its fair share of morning mist. And foggy days in San Francisco would be like a dream vacation for me -- San Francisco being one of my favorite cities, and foggy mornings being one of my favorite photography scenarios. Yeah, I could live there! (Couldn’t afford to, though.)

    Fog is not the Dark Side, so it’s ok to embrace it! :D Follow Paul's instructions and get out there early with your camera -- you will love the results!

    Between the two Pauls and yourself I needed to make my own blogging contribution to Fog Fest 2008. It was a good excuse for a blog entry. (^_^)

  4. Amy - Your poster is gorgeous! And, no wonder you like fog. Obviously you have mastered a technique for shooting in both fog and rain. I will keep an eye on your fog pictures and see if I can learn a thing or two.

    Where I have lived up until a few weeks ago, we saw very little fog. Now that I am in a valley in the mountains, I hope to make a new friend. . At the very least, your pictures will be an inspiration. You already inspired me to interrupt my baking session (I'm not that domestic, but stuck with a gluten-free diet) and try to catch something today.

    Speaking of learning, the comment set-up on your blog has me totally flummoxed. It seems I can only post as anonymous. Is there a trick that I haven't found, or shall I continue with anonymous?

  5. Thank you for the praise for the poster, Anita. The picture *is* something I’m proud of – and as I’ve mentioned, it’s the thing that sent me down this more serious path.

    Regarding comments in my blog... LiveJournal unfortunately isn’t connected with Blogger and doesn’t recognize a Blogger ID by default. Supposedly if you’ve Enabled OpenID in Blogger, you can use your blog’s URL with the ‘Open ID’ identifier option in the LiveJournal comment. I don’t know if that works, though.

    LiveJournal accounts are free, but you probably don’t need another account to clutter your life. Posting anonymously is perfectly fine; I have other friends who do it. Just try to remember to put your name at the end of the comment so I can tell one anonymous poster from another.

  6. I know that your poster has brought all those owners great pleasure and you should be proud.

    Well, at least I feel better now about my ability to decipher the rules at LiveJournal. I thought I was overlooking something obvious.
    Eventually, I will get into looking at the OpenID set. Meanwhile, I shall remain in the ranks of the anonymous and just sign my posts. Thanks a million for clarifying the setup.


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