Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Evening Treat

(Please click on the thumbnail to view the larger image)

Tonight was a treat. We took off for an hour and a half and wandered around down by Cub Lake, enjoying the swallows, ducks, dragonflies, horseback riders, dogs, and kids along with a wonderful sunset. Not bad for one evening. Since this is one of those areas that also warrants an early morning outing, I am delighted that it is so close to our house. In fact, we can see our house from the lake—which is actually more of a pond, but don't tell anyone here I said that.

I certainly hope you are clicking on the link for the larger images. These thumbnails on Blogspot are pretty sad.


  1. I think that you've picked the perfect place for yourself. I look forward to your further explorations. This view is certainly much better than looking at skyscrapers and traffic!!!

  2. I'm finally begin to feel somewhat at home and love, love, loving the beautiful scenery. Yes, many explorations to make. Particularly since I have never found great charm in skyscrapers, much less traffic. Eeeeeek!


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