Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The SoFoBoMo Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, obviously in the dark of night, someone impersonating me went to one of my favorite blogs, Paul Butzi’s site (http://photomusings.wordpress.com/) and signed me up for a gigantic challenge. I know it was an imposter who did this dirty deed because I have better sense than to sign myself up for the SoFoBoMo challenge. I would have known better because the prospect of shooting and processing thirty-five images, laying out those images in the form of a photo book, transferring everything to a PDF file, and posting the entire thing on the web all in the space of thirty days is something only a really savvy or really foolish person would attempt, even in the best of circumstances. To begin with, I don’t fancy myself in either of those categories. But, more importantly, I am too shrewd to take on that sort of challenge while adjusting to retirement from my life’s work, packing and cleaning a household where stuff has accumulated over a period of twenty years, getting said house on the market, then unpacking and moving into a strange house about which I know little. I mean I have done some silly things in my life, but this is over the top. Still, here I am. My name is on that fool list—right there on the Internet for all the world to see. To make things worse, another favorite Photoblogger, Doug Stockdale (http://singularimages.wordpress.com/) has also signed up and knows my name is on that list. I suppose I will have to give it a go.


  1. Egads, I think that we are BOTH overextended on this self-assignment, but as you said, I guess we will have to give it a go! Too many folks now know that we are on the fools-list;- )

  2. Thank goodness there are a number of people involved. I can hide out in the back of the crowd. The generous tips you share on your site are going to be a big help.
    And, thanks for visiting.

  3. Every time that you try to ease to the back of the room, I'll push you in front of me! :-) I think that this will be a really fun challenge.

  4. Oh, no. The pressure mounts.

    Seriously, I am eager to do this--even if I'm nervous about it. The best part is feeling somehow connected to other photographers such as you, who are tackling the same problems, at the same time. Granted, most of you are far more experienced photographers than I. But, lucky me, that means there is a wealth of shared ideas and information available, in addition to the sense of community.

    Thanks for visiting and commentin.


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