Friday, October 19, 2007

Drive-by Photography

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When we take one of our road trips, I do quite a bit of what I am starting to call "Drive-by Photography". (The picture above was taken on the way home from our Eastern Sierra trip.) Since my husband is driving on those trips, I don't have to pay attention to traffic while I shoot. I shoot outside the car window, or sometimes through the windshield. Granted most of the shots are throwaways, but every so often there is one I am glad I shot.

A short while back I posted another one of my shots taken through the window and got back a fun response from a viewer who linked to his own examples of this type of madcap shooting. Apparently, Beau Harbin has done his share of photographing scenes while traveling down the highway. Now, I have learned that some of those wonderful images at Doug Stockdale's site were taken from a moving vehicle. Hmmm. I think I will apologize less now for this style shooting and consider myself having joined a growing movement. On a more serious note, Doug Stockdale has a unique style and his work stays with you. (As a bonus, he is a master of shooting from a moving vehicle.) And, speaking of work that stays with you, check out the beautiful black and white titled "Fingers", at Paul Maxim's site. Especially if you are a cloud person like me, you will be hopelessly smitten. (By the way, this photograph was taken from a totally safe and sane position according to Paul's post.)


  1. This is a really nice image, the wonderful clouds and the rolling hillside and the mountain vista. I wnat to be there! You have the added benefit of being the passenger while you photograph from the moving car. I am always the driver. Thus you can also pan the image as it passes by.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Doug. You aren't the only one who would live to be there! I have my heart set on going back to southern Colorado next summer. Every where we turned the sights were stunning.
    Yeah, as a drive-by photographer, I definitely haven't made the varsity team. I marvel at what you are accomplishing.

  3. Hi Anita, another great looking image. The technique is really coming along. Hope all is well out there on the left coast. Beau

  4. Beau, thanks for dropping by. You may notice that I had to clear up the goofs I made in this post. Have you been adding to your drive-by gallery?


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