Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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This tree is in an area where I never grow tired of shooting and the trees there are wonderful year-around—leaves or not.


  1. This can't be your oldest post. Where might be the oldest?

    I love trolling through the old stuff, not having to wait for something new.

  2. Bob-I started the blog July 11, 2007, so you were pretty close to the end (no, beginnning) at this point. This is scary to think that there is someone out there who actually has an overview of my mad ramblings. I hope you found a post or two that you enjoyed. (Hmmm. Maybe you browsed this far back hoping in vain to find something of interest to you. I hope not.)

  3. As I got old I kind of figured out that to understand what some one is saying you must know the other person. I have a rambling explanation of what I'm trying to get at over here... http://rvewong.wordpress.com/about/forword/
    The result is the more of your blog I read the better I can understand it.
    Too bad there isn't some mechanism to read in chronological order.

  4. Bob - The comments here and at your blog are wonderfully thought-provoking. While I hadn't thought about this topic using the precise language you have chosen, the more I read your opinions the more I realized that we tend to agree. I prefer books (even how-to books) that are clearly written in a human voice. I "listen" better if the person instructing me is a human being rather than a robot, or a committee.

  5. Anita you are so right. I just learned something about myself that I never knew, like you I prefer the "Written in a human voice".
    Thanks for the eye opener.

  6. Bob - Does this strike you as oddly humorous that we are carrying on a conversation based on a post made a year-and-a-half ago? Just strikes me as funny, and one of the quirks of blog communication.


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