Sunday, August 12, 2007


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Each of the external drives lined up on my desk contains a somewhat orderly collection of files—all sorted and labeled in what seemed at the time to be a quite logical hierarchy of file storage. However, with the passage of time, my system (even basic philosophy) of organization has shifted multiple times. Fitting all those folders and files into the new system continues. The image above is another from that crowded and rather messy “closet” I have been rummaging around in lately.


  1. Very nice shot of this little guy. I am amazed you were able to get in so close on him. I assume you were using a long lens, but even still that is very nice.


  2. Beau,
    Please forgive me for taking so long to publish your post and to respond to you. Lots of distractions this weekend--the heat being one of them.

    That little guy stunned me. He and a whole raft of his extended family live near the small stable my husband manages (and where "we" have horses). The rabbits there certainly see a number of humans coming and going. Even so, they keep their distance and when I spotted this guy I expected to be lucky to grab one quick and dirty shot. However, perhaps because I was standing with my body pretty much tucked against a horse trailer that is there weeks at a time, the little fella continued to munch. Even more fortunately for me, he would occasionally sit up and pose for me as if to say "Haven't you got it yet?" All in all it was almost too easy to count as a really good catch. (On the other hand, the chipmunk I was after in the Labor Day post was never still a second.)

    I shot this just over a year ago and, unfortunately, I'm not certain which lens I was using that day. But, the focal length was 190mm.

    Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you will return.



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