Thursday, July 12, 2007

Home Again!

Around mid-June, Jim and I decided to explore southern Colorado. We trudged across that infernal and interminable California desert (which is most unfriendly to humans during the summer months) and headed straight for the mountains of the Centennial State. Once there, we had to drag ourselves away. We spent most of our time on the east side of the Continental Divide taking day-trips that left us road-weary, but delighted. There are only about four-and-half million people living in the state and don’t ask me to explain that fact. To be more realistic, one does have to deal with snow (I have to confess that would certainly give me pause). Still, the area is so gorgeous I can’t understand why it isn’t crawling alive with people. Mind you, I’m grateful it isn’t.

I want to send a special "hello" and a big "thank you" to all our wonderful and generous new friends. We were bowled over by the warmth of our little family at the Riverbend Campground and the open arms that seemed to welcome us everywhere we went. We came home with our faith in humanity refurbished and our minds filled with images of beauty that will help to sustain us through this hot, dry summer.